Musculoskeletal Research Unit (MSRU)

The Musculoskeletal Research Unit (MSRU) at the University of Zürich provides veterinary expertise in the fields of musculoskeletal research (bone & cartilage, tendon, spine, disc) as well as soft tissue research (cardiovascular, wound healing, soft tissue). 
The MSRU facilities are GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited by Swissmedic and has therefore conducted many studies to date in compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice, which has greatly facilitated clinical translation and implant registration processes. The MSRU also provides state of the art and GLP accredited histological processing and analyses.

Technical Expertise:

- In the fields of Musculoskeletal research (bone & cartilage, tendon, spine & disc)
- Soft tissue research (cardiovascular, wound healing)

Histology laboratory:

- Decalcified, paraffin-embedded histology (different stainings, immunohistochemistry)
- Non decalcified, plastic-embedded histology (different stainings)
- Ground sections (quantitative histology, e.g. histomorphormetry)
- Thin sections (qualitative histology)

Cryosections: We also collaborate closely with the Laboratory for Animal Pathology LAMP, a specialist core facility to assist research in relevant, generic areas of laboratory/experimental animal morphology and pathology. LAMP has particular expertise in the histology and immunohistology of soft/decalcified tissues and transmission electron microscopy. It also provides digital scanning and morphometry services and maintains a laser microdissection facility for shared use.

GLP accreditation: The MSRU is able to conduct studies in compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice

Download GLP statement here (PDF, 1196 KB)