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Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease


Conferences / External courses

06.11 - 11.11.2023 FEBS Advanced Course

Co-organized by Prof. Dr. M.O.Hottiger


Upcoming talks/seminars

Datum                                  26.07.2024
Speaker                              Orlando Valerio, Prof.
Title                                      The Yin Yand of retrotransponson function: from junk to RNA tools for anti-                                                            aging  and   tissue regeneration

Location and time          Y34-J-01, 12:15 h


Past talks/seminars

Datum                                  25.04.2023
Speaker                              Guy Poirier, CHU de Québec Research Center
Title                                      Deciphering the human proteome of poly(ADP-ribose)-interacting

Datum                                 24.05.2023
Speaker                             Luigi Lerra, DMMD
Title                                     Thesis Defense: The Role of Nuclear Compartmentalization in the
                                              Regulation of Genome Organization in Ground-state ESCs                      

Datum                                 09.03.2023
Speaker                             Vincent Spegg, DMMD
Title                                     Thesis Defense: Exploring Liquid-Like Condensates at
                                              Site of DNA Damage

Datum                                 05.03.2023
Speaker                             Martina Panatta, DMMD
Title                                     Thesis Defense: Regulation and Function of Genome
                                              Compartmentalization in Ground State Pluripotent ESCs                         


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