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Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease


News list

  • The Dutch Research Council (NOW) awarded a 2 year Rubicon grant to Dr. Yannick Kok for his project DNA repair: wrong place, wrong time

  • Award Ceremony and Lectures Dr. Ernst Th. Jucker Preis 2019/2020 for Important Contributions to Cancer Research

  • The project of the MSRU “Human-Horse Interaction” was awarded the “Prize for Educational Innovations” ”from the Hans-Peter Frey Foundation

  • Kaivalya Walavalkar received the prestigious EMBO postdoctoral fellowship

  • Scott Finlay PhD and Salim Darwiche PhD awarded first prize for best investor pitch, presenting their marketable product for cartilage repair

  • Congratulations to SNSF Prof. Dr. Matthias Altmeyer for being appointed Associate Professor

  • Congratulations to Prof.em. Dr. Brigitte von Rechenberg for obtaining ORS 2020 Women’s Leadership Forum Award

  • Stephanie Lüthi receives semester price 2019 from VSF

  • Prof. Dr. Tuncay Baubec receives ERC Consolidator Grant

  • Ramon Pfändler receives semester price from MNF

  • Nina Schmolka receives SNF Ambizione Fellowship

  • New paper from group M. Altmeyer online in EMBO journal

  • Molecular biologist Tuncay Baubec received the renowned Georg Friedrich Götz Award

  • Preisgekrönte Nachwuchsforschung

  • Verlängerung SNF Förderungsprofessur von Prof. Dr. Tuncay Baubec

  • Erfolgsmeldung aus dem Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

  • Proteinveränderungen weisen auf Krebs hin

  • Mass spectrometry method provides first view of stress-induced extracellular protein modification in cells and tissues

  • Tumor Therapy of the Future

  • Measuring the Effects of Drugs on Cancer Cells

  • Prolongation of SNSF Professorship for Prof. Dr. Matthias Altmeyer

  • Raffaella Santoro received the prestigious ERC advanced grant

  • Article in UZH Magazin about Matthias Altmeyer on his work "Krebszellen im Burnout"

  • Successful and stimulating 3rd Joint Department Colloquium (JDC) of the DMMD

  • Important Mechanism of Epigenetic Gene Regulation Identified

  • Embryonen

    UZH press release on the work of Santoro and Cinelli groups on stem cell pluripotency in Nature Cell Biology

  • Professorial appointment process successfully completed

  • SNF Prof. Dr. Matthias Altmeyer receives highly prestigious ERC Starting Grant

  • Dr. Francisco Verdeguer new group leader at DMMD

  • Prof. Dr. Raffaella Santoro elected as new EMBO member

  • Dr. Sandra Frommel from the Santoro group receives Jahrespreis of the Vetsuisse Faculty

  • Group van Loon publishes on the impact of ribonucleotide incorporation on DNA base excision repair in Nature Communications

  • Dr. Barbara van Loon appointed to Associate Professor position at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology

  • IVBMB is now Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (DMMD)

  • Group Hottiger publishes on identification of genome-wide chromatin ADP-riboslyation in Molecular Cell

  • Group Altmeyer publishes on intracellular phase separation in Nature Communications

  • IVBMB now also associated with Faculty of Science (MNF)

  • Dr. Tuncay Baubec awarded SNF-professorship to be carried out at the IVBMB

  • Group Santoro awarded for Cell Stem Cell Cover Page

  • Group Santoro publishes major study on predictive marker of prostate cancer recurrence in Nature Genetics

  • Dr. Matthias Altmeyer awarded SNF-professorship to be carried out at the IVBMB

  • Prof. Michael O. Hottiger new acting director of IVBMB as of 1. February 2014

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